Biomass Line

Transportation, storage and extraction.

Brandt works with transportation, storage and biomass extraction for materials as sawdust, dust, wood chips among others.

A continuous conveyor belt, chain or screw transports and directs the material into a storage silo. The residue is removed in a continuous and controlled way by the silo extractor.

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Linha Biomassa
  • Silos de Armazenagem Silos de Armazenagem
    Storage Silos
  • Extratores para Silos Extratores para Silos
    Silo Extractors
  • Moega de Recepção Moega de Recepção
    Reception Hoppers
  • Peneira de Classificação Peneira de Classificação
    Sorting Sieve
  • Transportadores de Correias Transportadores de Correias
    Screw Conveyors
  • Roscas Transportadoras Roscas Transportadoras
    Roscas Transportadoras
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